Help Me Spread the Word

Hello! After two years of work, my first book is shipping out to the world on June 1, 2023. No book or creative work can be done alone, and that’s definitely true for mine. Here are some ways that you can help.

Step 1: Sign up for the Email Newsletter

I've started a new e-mail newletter called Field Testing the Future where I share information about book-related events, opportunities, swag and more. By simply signing up, you will automatically receive a 20% off coupon to use for the book with Routledge.

Step 2: Buy the Book

You can buy the book for yourself, for your workplace or school, for your library. Routledge offers the best quality in the books it publishes, so it’s always best to order directly from them — in particular for print copies. In addition, if you encounter a problem with the book (shipping, damage, etc.) and need my help, I can reach out to them to intervene.

There’s a prominent link to the Routledge listing on the Book’s web site. Or just click the link here.

Step 3: Post a Review

It would help me a lot if you posted a review of the book after purchasing it, but not through Routledge directly. I know, that’s weird since I suggested you buy from Routledge, but welcome to book publishing in the Amazon age. It’s best to post reviews through either or Good Reads — or both.

You don’t have to buy from Amazon to post a review there. Just go to the Amazon listing page, scroll down to Customer Reviews and add your own. You can do the same from You will have to wait until after the June 1 launch date to be able to review the book anywhere.

Here are some handy links to post reviews on both sites when they open:

Step 3: List the book as “Currently Reading” on Good Reads

Even before you can post a review, Good Reads lets you indicate that you’re reading my book. Just go to the same Good Reads listing page above and click Currently Reading. Add tags that describe the book. This all helps with visibility. And personally, I think it also adds to your cool factor :-)

Thanks again for your interest in support for my labor of love. I’ll share more over time along with other projects I’m planning around this title.