Welcome to Field Testing the Future

It's the night before Halloween, when everyone is carving pumpkins or getting their costumes ready. And that's the perfect time to start a new blog. Welcome to Field Testing the Future!

I'm Dan Pacheco, and this is my new blog. I have blogged quite a bit in the past, but it's been a long time. So why start now in 2022, when the term "blog" is hardly ever used anymore in public vernacular? Hasn't everyone moved on to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and whatever comes next? Who reads blogs, anyway?

Those are all good points, but I have several reasons:

  • I have finished writing my first book, a 90,000-word textbook with tips on how to experiment with emerging tech that was trending in 2022, and stories by media innovators who did the same with past trends. The road of innovation goes ever on, and I want to use this site and the blog on it to continue documenting innovations and innovators that catch my eye over time.

  • Writing a blog is a lot easier than writing a book! The blog will also help me continue my writing habit, helping with future book updates and possibly even leading to the next book.

  • While writing my book, I was reminded fo how much I enjoy writing. What better way to do that than by blogging?

That's all for now!

I will be continuing to post to this blog once a week. For now, I'm just setting it up and seeing if it works OK.

Speaking of blogs and experimenting with emerging media platforms, I am producing this blog using Eleventy, produced by Glitch. You can learn more about Eleventy and get the source code here: https://help.glitch.com/kb/article/111-eleventy-projects/